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Pumpkin Patch, FA

So I have this little boulder field about a 5 minute walk away from my apartment.  There’s maybe 20-25 small to medium sized boulders there, and maybe 4 of them have climbable stuff on them.  And so far I have found only 2 of those to have worthwhile lines.  I’ve been to them off and on over the past 2 1/2 years.  It’s not top shelf climbing, but its fun, its rock, and its close.  There is this one particular line that I’ve been eyeing everytime I’ve been.  I always hopped on and gave it a go, but I could never find anything positive enough through the crux to continue.  After all the tries, and seasons, and getting stronger – today, the move stuck.  As soon as that right hand landed in that little two finger dish, I knew it was good.  It took me a couple of go’s  to figure out the remaining, but it went!  I called it Pumpkin Patch.  I’m giving it V6 really because of the crux. 

It sent, it was awesome, and it felt good.  I sat on top of that rock for a little while, sunny sky, perfect breeze, and the colors of the woods changing around me.  It was pretty perfect.  It probably won’t be a classic.  It’s definately not going to be a destination spot.  But it was an awesome problem, that I found, worked, unlocked, and conquered.

~ by sewers9 on October 17, 2011 .

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