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For a good while, when I started climbing I was on the lookout for some climbing specific shirts.  You know, something that was for climbers, with some killer design.  I love me some t-shirts.  Then I started seeing ads for Friksn climbing. (frik-shuhn, just like friction)  Specifically, the “Scout” tee.  I was impressed.   I thought it was one of the coolest designs for a climbing shirt that I had ever seen.  I still do.


It just so happened that Friksn had a booth set up at the Earth Treks Roc Comp that I attended a little time later.  I started talking with the owner, Justin, and he gave me the scoop.  In a nutshell, Friksn tees are designed for climbers.  %100 double knit turkish cotton, wicked comfortable, with a “climbers cut” and narrower sleeves.  The “climber’s cut” allows for the shirts to fit comfortably under a harness without bunching on the waist.  The narrower sleeves help so that the climber doesn’t have that annoying twisting from bigger sleeves when they are sweaty or moving around a lot.  I am a giant fan of these shirts.  Except for a couple of my decade old t-shirts that I just love, these are the most comfortable shirts I have ever worn.  They are specifically made for the climber’s build and you couldn’t really ask for more in a tee.


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